Cory Kram

(artist statement)--
My art attempts to unravel the complexities of the mind. Through painting, I explore my layered consciousness and fluid dreams, all against a backdrop of elemental uncertainty. Painting allows me to visually map various aspects of self that linger within. In the studio, I am an explorer, and I plunge into the depths of my mind to extract pieces that I can then transport onto tangible surfaces.
I use vivid colors and sand-roughened textures to convey agitation and the wonder that can accompany self-realization. I incorporate re-purposed materials such as Styrofoam, bubble wrap, cardboard, and cotton balls into my paintings, for a three-dimensional effect. My use of geometric shapes is an attempt to create order and grasp at the elusive and ineffable qualities of the mind.
abandoned buildings, art therapy, books, cats, cities, colors, dreams, ephemera, experimental film/music, fiberglass, fjords, found objects, insects, neon, New Jersey, noise, Norway, outsider art/music, Oslo, phobias, pop art, scopitones, seltzer water, shapes, supermarkets, synthesizers, roadside attractions, thrift stores, train rides, vintage advertisements


adobe photoshop collage darkroom/digital photography drawing mixed media painting printmaking sculpture sewing woodworking